Frequently Asked Questions

When will my mask(s) arrive?

Due to high post office volumes, your delivery could take longer than one week. If you want to skip the wait, you can pick up in store at 3310 McCarthy Rd.

How do I adjust my mask?

To adjust your mask, you'll want to tie knots until the mask feels slightly loose. Then you can spin the elastic until the knot is not visible (if possible).

What if I want to have a certain style in a different size?

If you would like a certain style in a different size, you can contact us at

Where do I pick up my mask?

You can pick up your mask at 3310 McCarthy Rd (Browns Cleaners and TM Tailors). Make sure to call or email us before picking up. Email: Phone: 613-738-8710

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Disclaimer: None of the masks sold on this site are medical-grade and are not intended for medical use.

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